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“Khin Ped Dai Mai?” "Can you eat spicy food?" is the challenging query raised by servers in many Thai restaurants. Chilies are a versatile vegetable, fruit, or spice that contain a very good source of vitamins A and C. Thai cooking is infamous for the fiery sauces and dips that accompany many dishes. It is also a harmonious blend of flavors: spicy, sweet, sour, salty and natural.

While Kin Thai Kitchen is dedicated to the presentation of authentic Thai cooking, we are prepared to adjust the chili content to suit the individuals taste buds. Those items on the menu marked with a may have some spices prepared in the dishes already. To enjoy traditional Thai cooking at its best, you should stimulate your taste buds to the limit. Since everyone has different limits, we offer you the following guide.

Mildly Spicy with little or no sting

Still mild, but will impart a stimulating “kick” to the lips and tongue. Will set tongue and lips tingling. The sensation lingers and spreads to a hearty glow.

The tingling glow is transformed to a raging fire, but the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia comes alive.

Can you take it? This level is for addicts and Thai nationals

You will have to order some Thai beer (SINGHA) and a box of tissue with these dishes. Management accepts no responsibility for side effects

ALLERGY WISE: We use ingredients such as dairy, peanuts, shell fish. fish oil, soy and certain dishes may contain gluten. We do not add any MSG to our food. Please inform your server of any allergies.

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